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     My work seeks to challenge the contemporary view of the original Judeo-Christian belief system by maintaining the scriptural integrity of the Bible and ancient Hebraic manuscripts while showcasing their relevance today.  Modern Christianity has become so far removed from the original context and worldview of its Hebraic origins that multiple denominations which all claim to follow the same God and the same Bible, are now in existence.  

    I pull away from traditional religious-style paintings by placing greater emphasis on the supernatural aspects and hidden mysteries of the word of God rather than simply conveying a historical moment in time.  The Hebrew language is incorporated into all of my artwork, as it is foundational to my concept due to its multidimensional facets.  Using a mixed-media approach, I allow each project to determine its material and process in order to build thought-provoking narratives.  My painting style is largely representational, while sculptural elements provide meaning through their use of materiality and dimension, adding to the overall composition and contemplative depth of my work. 

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